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Tijuana Dentists- Dr Javier Nevarez DDS is a Tijuana Dentists in Tijuana Baja California Mexico

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Condominium Century

2034 Benito Juárez Street
Office 602 6th Floor
Betw Revolución & Madero St
Tijuana, B.C. México.

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Phone: ( 664) 685-2384


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Phone: 1-619-395-3376





Dental Services Price List 2014

We make every effort to complete your dental work in a single visit and whenever possible multiple visits are not necessary.
Most of our patients reside and live in the United States and are referred to us by word of mouth by friends and relatives.
We are confident that you too will be pleased with our quality of care, prices, and convenience of our dental services.


Note: All prices below are in US Dollars

Full Dental Dentures: Acrylic and Porcelain Teeth

Set of Full Dental Dentures
(Acrylic Teeth or Porcelain Teeth)

From $500.00 to $600.00 USD

Dental Implants Porcelain and Acrylic


Partial Dental Dentures
(Removable Metal Cast)
From $85.00 to $375.00



Dental Implants Price List 2010


Dental Implants
From $800.00 USD each
(Plus Abutment and Crown)


Dental Dentistry Services
Teeth Cleaning       $40  
Teeth Extractions $40  
Teeth Fillings          $40  
Teeth Bonding        $70  

Laminate Veneers
$350.00 USD per tooth each

Laminate Veneers


Root Canal (Front)                    $110  
Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) $150  
Removable Dental Bridges     $110 to $375  

Dental Crowns Price List 2010


Porcelain Crowns Fused with Metal
(Titanium or Nickel – Chromium)

$210.00 USD each
(per unit on bridge)

Porcelain Crowns Fused with Metal (Titanium or Nickel – Chromium)


Porcelain Crowns Fused with Gold Captek

$350.00 USD each
(per unit on bridge)

Porcelain Crowns Fused with Gold


Porcelain Crowns Metal Free (Empress)

$350.00 USD each
(per unit on bridge)

Porcelain Crowns Metal Free Empress

Porcelain Crowns Zirconia  (Zirconium)

$440.00 USD each
(per unit on bridge)

Porcelain Crowns Zirconia (Zirconium)






  • A 5% Discount is available when paying CASH ONLY on any dental work of $600 USD and over or total payment of dental fees.


  • Due to Inflation causes, there is no other available discount.
    In no conditions and no time.


  • We Only accept Visa and Mastercard  credit cards.


  • For dental appointments (only) If you call us from the US, please dial
    exactly as shown here:
    011-52-664-685- 6414


  • We do not accept personal checks.


  • We are sorry for all inconveniences.


  • A 50% down payment may be required on any procedure that involves Laboratory work. For more information please contact us.


  • Our Dental Office Postal Address is:


Condominio Century

2034 Benito Juárez

Office 602 6th Floor

Between Revolución & Madero St

Tijuana, Baja California.


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